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Rare Antique Button Hook Fob Charm Necklace


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This gorgeous necklace features a rare antique pale amethyst button hook fob charm, amethyst charm and keshi pearl on a sterling silver box chain. This delightful little hook is hallmarked for Birmingham 1895.

The button hooks were used to close the tiny buttons on ladies bodices, dresses and gloves. Most commonly found are the ornate silver handled variety - this buttonhook is very special and would have been given as a gift. Small enough to be attached to a chatelaine. 

In the Victorian period, men and women wore intricate frocks that had many buttons. In addition to having rows upon rows of buttons, garments were tight, making buttons tough to reach. The buttonhook was a tool used to help button shoes or clothing. This tool was particularly helpful in pulling buttons through holes on stiff leather boots.

The button hook measures 4.5cm. The chain measures 45cm

All Leoni & Vonk pearls and stones are handpicked for their beauty and individuality. 

All Leoni & Vonk jewellery is packaged in a black wallet/pouch. If your Leoni & Vonk purchase is a special gift and you would like it gift wrapped please go to the Gift Wrap section here and make your selection

This unique piece of jewellery may have signs of wear due to its history. It is beautifully imperfect and should be treated with love and care. The button hook fob is in very good condition.