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Christmas Gift Ideas - Teenagers, Teachers and Best Friends

It's that time of year again! But don't stress we have lots of great gift ideas  for those special people in your lives. Here's a few suggestions for teenage girls, your children's teacher and your best friend.

Teenage Girls

We have lots of super cute star jewellery that will appeal to those oh so difficult to please teenage girls. 

Leoni & Vonk gift ideas for teenagers

Divinity star bracelet

Leoni & Vonk star necklace

Sterling silver star necklace

Leoni & vonk star earrings

Cubic zirconia star trio earrings



She has looked after your little darling all year and rather than get her another candle why not treat her to a gorgeous piece of jewellery to show your appreciation. 

Leoni & Vonk pearl necklace photographed on magazine page as an idea for teachers present

Melissa Pearl Necklace


Leoni & Vonk gold fill ball earrings

Gold Ball Earrings

Leoni & Vonk One of a kind pearl bracelet

One Of A Kind Pearl Bracelet


Best Friends

Be sure to please with one of these gorgeous gifts for the girl who's there for you through thick and thin. Choose a personalised necklace for that extra special touch or something from our beautiful One Of A Kind collection.

Leoni & Vonk rose gold and pearl initial necklace

Rose Gold, Initial, Pearl Necklace 


Leoni & Vonk pearl necklace

Lily Pearl Necklace


Leoni & Vonk keshi pearl hoop earrings

One Of A Kind Keshi Pearl Earrings


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