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Image of Leoni & Vonk vintage neckalce on a white background and with a vintage postcard and black box in the corner.

We are excited to bring you a beautiful collection of antique and vintage micro mosaic jewellery from Italy. Each piece of jewellery is unique and one of a kind.

Leoni & Vonk antique micro mosaic pendant necklace with a vintage postcard and black box


 Micro mosaic is the art form of using very small cut pieces of glass to create intricate designs. Giacomo Raffaelli, the founding father of micro mosaic jewellery presented his first selling exhibition of micro mosaics at his studio in Rome in 1775. 

Above are examples of Raffaelli’s work from Italy in the 18th Century.


For members of the social elite in England The Grand Tour was seen as the ultimate education as well as an important symbol of social status. Italy was the focus of this tour and all form of souvenirs were bought back home to show to family and friends and give as gifts. Micro mosaic items especially jewellery were extremely popular with wealthy tourists during the Victorian and Edwardian periods and beyond.


There is very little jewellery like this made today and we are very lucky to have a great selection of antique and vintage examples online now.


Leoni & Vonk antique micro mosaic brooch on a vintage postcard.

Leoni & Vonk micro mosaic heart pendant on a gold chain with a vintage postcard

Leoni & Vonk vintage micro mosaic brooch on a vintage postcard.