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Vintage Charms


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 A selection of beautiful and unusual vintage charms.

9ct gold and ruby crucifix 2cm x 1cm  $140

9ct gold and silver 21st Birthday key 2.5cm x 0.7cm $120

9ct gold cornicello horn of plenty 3cm x 0.5cm $150

Sterling silver kiwi 1.5cm x 1.2cm $50

9ct gold walking lion 1.7cm x 1cm $150

Vintage bone bead and gold fill  1cm x 1cm $10

Pearl with gold bail 1.5cm x 0.5cm $10

Silver and enamel butterfly 2cm x 1.3cm $35

9ct gold ball dangle 1.5cm $160

Sterling silver enamel Maple leaf 2cm x 1.5cm $35

Charms have been worn for thousands of years, not just for their decorative appeal, but often to symbolise good luck, love and spiritual forces. Charms were popularised by Queen Victoria which made them fashionable among the elite and wealthy throughout Europe. She also introduced the sentimental and romantic charm which could be seen in the charm bracelets she wore and those she gave as gifts. Charms continued to be a very popular form of jewellery throughout subsequent decades with World War II troops returning home with handcrafted trinkets for their loved ones. Charms became glamorous during the 1940s and '50s with screen stars who wore extravagant charm jewellery made from platinum and diamonds.

All Leoni & Vonk jewellery is packaged in a black wallet/pouch. If your Leoni & Vonk purchase is a special gift and you would like it gift wrapped please go to the Gift Wrap section here and make your selection

This unique piece of jewellery may have signs of wear due to it's history. It is beautifully imperfect and should be treated with love and care.