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SOLD Edwardian Rolled Gold Seed Pearl Book Locket Necklace


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Gorgeous, unusual antique rolled gold book locket with pretty seed pearl decoration on a gold fill and hand wired pearl chain. A truly unique, beautiful necklace.

Container jewellery to house tokens and special items have been around since Egyptian times and the first  “lockets” held medicinal herbs, religious relics, prayers or perfumes. Elizabeth 1 is thought to have owned one of the first sentimental lockets which was a ring depicting tiny portraits of both herself and her mother Anne Boleyn. Before the invention of photography locks of hair were often put in lockets to remind you of loved ones. The Victorian era took this to a new level with the popularity of mourning jewellery. The popularity of lockets as a keepsake grew with the widespread use of photography and endures today.

The locket measures 2cm x 2.5cm and the chain measures 62cm with a 4cm extension. 

All Leoni & Vonk jewellery is packaged in a black wallet/pouch. If your Leoni & Vonk purchase is a special gift and you would like it gift wrapped please go to the Gift Wrap section here and make your selection

This unique piece of jewellery may have signs of wear due to it's history. It is beautifully imperfect and should be treated with love and care.