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SOLD Antique Semi-Precious Stone Pocket Watch Key Necklace


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This pretty necklace features an antique pocket watch key with a set semi-precious stone on a sterling silver gold plated chain.

Pocket watches were first made in the 16th century and required a key to keep them running, both to set the time and wind the watch. Some types of watch keys were very ornate and others very simple metal keys. The more ornate ones were intended to be worn on a watch chain or chatelaine and displayed publicly. By the mid 1940's wrist watches had generally replaced pocket watches.

The pocket watch key measures 3.5cm. The chain measures 55cm 

All Leoni & Vonk jewellery is packaged in a black wallet/pouch. If your Leoni & Vonk purchase is a special gift and you would like it gift wrapped please go to the Gift Wrap section here and make your selection

This unique piece of jewellery may have signs of wear due to it's history. It is beautifully imperfect and should be treated with love and care.